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SubjectNice 19 process still gets some CPU
Given how much I've read here about schedulers, I should probably be 
able to answer this question myself, but I just thought I might talk to
the experts.

I'm running SETI@Home, and it has a nice value of 19. Everything else,
for the most part, is at zero.

I'm running kernel gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.7-r6 (I believe).

When I'm not running SETI@Home, compiler threads (emerge of a package,
kernel compile, etc.) get 100% CPU. When I AM running SETI@Home,
SETI@Home still manages to get between 5% and 10% CPU.

I would expect that nice 0 processes should get SO MUCH more than nice
19 processes that the nice 19 process would practically starve (and in
the case of a nice 19 process, I think starvation by nice 0 processes is
just fine), but it looks like it's not starving.

Why is that?


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