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Subject8139too in 2.6.x tx timeout
This problem appears similar to the thread earlier this year with
the subject '2.6.3 - 8139too timeout debug info', but I don't think
it is, since the 2.6.2 driver and patches given in that thread
don't appear to work.

I have enabled debug in the stock Linux 2.6.7 8139too.c and posted it at:
The debug shows init, DHCP request (succeeded), then a ping -f that lasts
until shortly after it timed out.

It appears to be losing interrupts, but I don't know the cause, and
don't know how to work around it. The BIOS is extremely dumb, and has
no option for level/edge, or anything even remotely useful.

I can apply patches, twiddle settings, and provide any debug info needed.

10mbps half-duplex (detected correctly)

Thinkpad 600E
GigaFast EE102-DLX (RTL-8139C chip)

Kernel config:
ACPI and APIC disabled completely (and the hardware does not support)
HZ=1000 and HZ=100 (via include/asm-i386/param.h); results seem identical.

Software (working with no timeouts):
Linux 2.4.24-xfs (knoppix v3.3 2004-02-16)

Software (extremely frequent tx timeouts, even under fairly low loads
such as only ssh):
Linux 2.6.7 (vanilla)
Linux 2.6.7 w/ "8139too-config-napi.patch"
Linux 2.6.7 + Linux 2.6.2 8139too.c w/ PF_IOTHREAD -> PF_FREEZE

Zinx Verituse
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