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SubjectRe: Elastic Quota File System (EQFS)
In article <001901c459cd$bc436e40$868209ca@home> you wrote:
> The point to note here is that we are not bothering how much quota has been
> allocated to an individual user by the admin, but we are more interested in
> the usage pattern followed by the users. E.g. if user B wants additional
> space of say 25 megs, he picks up 25 megs of his files and 'marks' them
> elastic. Now his quota is increased to 125 megs and he can now add more 25
> megs of files; at the same time allocated quota for user A is left
> unaffected.

I would better understand if you do not incease the quota, but simply dont
count the elastic files in the consumption.

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