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    SubjectRe: Forcedeth driver bug
    Mikael Bouillot wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I'm having trouble with the forcedeth driver in kernel version 2.6.7.
    >>From what I can see, it seems that incoming packets sometime get stuck
    > on their way in.
    > What happens is this: some packet enters the NIC, and for some reason,
    > it doesn't come out of the driver. As soon as another incoming packet
    > gets in, both packets are handed down by the driver.
    > It is usually invisible during normal TCP operation, as there are
    > several packets in flight and the stuck packet gets pushed down by the
    > one following it very soon. But for lockstep protocols like SMB, it very
    > annoying as it means you get "blanks" of 2 to 5 seconds during the
    > transfer.
    > I can reproduce this very easily with a modified version of ping. I
    > do a flood ping from another machine to the one with the nvnet NIC, but
    > I modified ping to send a new packet if one gets "lost" only 10 seconds
    > later instead of after 10 ms. The result is that after a couple hundred
    > ping-pong at full speed, one ping gets stuck. After 10 seconds, another
    > ping is sent and both pong come back.
    > This didn't happen with the proprietary nvnet driver on kernel 2.4.24.
    > My hardware is a nForce 2 mobo (in a shuttle SN45G barebones).
    > Is this a know bug? If someone working on it already or should I
    > investigate the matter further? Please CC any reply to me as I'm not on
    > the list.

    Search or somewhere else in LKML for "new device support for forcedeth.c"

    Try the latest patch ( forcedeth_gigabit_try17.txt was the one I tested last) and report back.
    The driver has undergone quite a lot of patching lately.
    AFAIR, while testing it, similar effect was observed, but the it was way broken anyway.


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