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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.6.7-mm1] perfctr ppc32 update
    Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
    > On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 15:09, Mikael Pettersson wrote:
    > > Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
    > > > Hrm... your code will not work with externally clocked timebases
    > > > (like the G5) and I'm not sure you get the core freq. right with
    > > > CPU that can do clock slewing or machines that can switch the
    > > > core/bus ratio (laptops).
    > >
    > > Do you mean the PLL_CFG code that's been in -mm for the last couple
    > > of weeks, or just the recently posted update? The update replaced
    > > in-kernel /proc/cpuinfo parsing (gross) with OF queries taken straight
    > > from the pmac code in arch/ppc/platform/.
    > >
    > > I'm ignoring 970/G5 until IBM releases the damn documentation.
    > Well, the G5 can have it's own tb but can also be externally clocked and
    > that's how Apple does. I'm not sure about all G4 models.

    So what you're saying is that PLL_CFG may not reflect the true
    relationship between the TB frequency and the core frequency?

    That shouldn't be a problem as long as there's _some_ in-kernel
    interface for finding that out. If querying OF isn't the correct
    approach, then what is?

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