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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PPC64 iSeries viodasd proc file
On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 03:52:33PM -0400, Jeremy wrote:
> > Agreed. And the old viodasd reason was rejected exactly because it was
> > such a f***ing mess.
> The argument could be made that sysfs is similarly a f***ing mess and
> that instead of solving problems, it creates more.

It does? Have you brought this up to the sysfs / kobject / driver model
authors? I think they would be open to any critiques of the current
code, especially if such critique contains patches.

> The mess of symlinks present there is a disaster and disgusting for
> anyone who wants to actually write clean probing code.

What do you mean by this. Any examples?

> Also, things in sysfs aren't exactly stable enough to count on as a
> dependable interface, but that's something the kernel has never
> reliably exported to userspace.

Why isn't sysfs stable enough? You can find any driver instantly. And
any device bound to that driver in a stable and repeatable manner.

So, give me specific examples, or stop ranting for no reason.

greg k-h
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