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Subjectinode_unused list corruption in 2.4.26 - spin_lock problem?
In 2.4.26 on two different dual-proc x86 machines (one dual-P4 Xeon based,
the other dual-PIII) I am seeing crashes which are the result of the
inode_unused doubly linked list in fs/inode.c becoming corrupted.

A particular instance of the corruption I have isolated is in a call from
iput() to __refile_inode(). To try to diagnose this further I placed list
verification code before and after the list_del() and list_add() calls in
__refile_inode() and observed a healthy list become corrupted after the
del/add was completed.

It would seem to me that list corruption on otherwise healthy machines
would only be the result of the inode_lock spinlock not being properly
locked prior to the call to __refile_inode(), but as far as I can tell,
the call to atomic_dec_and_lock() in iput() is doing that properly.

So I am at a loss. Has anyone else seen this or does anyone have any idea
what routes I should be exploring to fix this problem?

Thank you,

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