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SubjectRe: Stop the Linux kernel madness
On Friday 18 June 2004 04:56, 4Front Technologies wrote:
> Problem fixed!. it's SuSE's fault!. They didn't symlink
> /lib/modules/<kernel ver>/build to the correct source tree.

And therefor you whine here ?

> >>What's with you guys?. Would you really like to see Linux forking?
> >
> > I'm impressed of your altruistic solicitousness about the future of Linux
> Thanks, we're trying to make Linux better for everybody.

You make Linux better ? By providing closed source drivers and complaining
that they wont compile everywhere ? HEHEHE

This statement reveals your deep unawareness of the social contract behind
this community and the reality of forking since it started.

Your swollen-headed self-pleasing nature makes you even resistant to sarcasm.

Thanks for providing a nice flame topic and now I have to go back and maintain
some diverging non mainline kernel trees.

Hint: Maybe you should adjust your tie. See below.

From slash dot org
"When customers are visiting, engineers are not allowed to wear ties.
That way the customer can tell who is the engineer and who is the
salesman (and therefore whom to believe.). Ties cut off blood flow
to the brain, making it easier for the salesmen to do their jobs."
linutronix - competence in embedded & realtime linux

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