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    SubjectRe: Stop the Linux kernel madness
    Timothy Miller wrote:
    > 4Front Technologies wrote:
    >> Thanks for the perfect explanation to our problems. The question then
    >> arises as
    >> to why does SUSE do KBUILDS in this way and the vanilla kernels or
    >> Redhat/Fedora/Mandrake/Debian
    >> kernels use another way?. What I'd like to see is at least some standard.
    > Sounds like you're making a demand. Who are you and why are we
    > interested in your demands?


    Who are you to revoke my request to SuSE and other distributors and others who share
    my views on LKML?

    What is wrong with making a demand for standardization?. It's high time
    that things got a bit more organized. And where do you see a demand....I just
    said "like to see". Which is more of a request the way I understand English.

    It's high time people like me spoke up for standardization and some sense of
    organization. If the majority doesn't want to listen fine, it's a free world,
    but you have no right to silence me for airing my views.

    best regards

    Dev Mazumdar
    4Front Technologies
    4035 Lafayette Place, Unit F, Culver City, CA 90232, USA
    Tel: 310 202 8530 Fax: 310 202 0496 URL:

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