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SubjectRe: Stop the Linux kernel madness

4Front Technologies wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I am writing this message to bring a huge problem to light. SuSE has
> been systematically
> forking the linux kernel and shipping all kinds of modifications and
> still call their
> kernels 2.6.5 (for example).
> Either they ship the stock Linux kernel sources or they stop calling
> their distributions
> as Linux-2.6.x based.

If you have a specific problem, describe it, and linux kernel
maintainers and SuSE would be glad to help you.

But this kind of whiny rant only serves to make "4Front Technologies"
look like a bunch of unprofessional dorks. It's one thing for some
13-year-old script kiddy to act like a baby, but it really looks bad
when the representative of a company acts like this.

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