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SubjectRe: [3/4] [PATCH]Diskdump - yet another crash dump function

* Takao Indoh <> wrote:

> int mod_timer(struct timer_list *timer, unsigned long expires)
> {
> BUG_ON(!timer->function);
> + if (crashdump_mode()) {
> + return diskdump_mod_timer(timer, expires);
> + }

looks good. Please use the proper coding style:

+ if (crashdump_mode())
+ return diskdump_mod_timer(timer, expires);

but there's another possible method (suggested by Alan Cox) that
requires no changes to the timer API hotpaths: 'clear' all timer lists
upon a crash [once all CPUs have stopped and irqs are disabled] and just
let the drivers use the normal timer APIs. Drive timer execution via a
polling method.

this basically approximates your polling based implementation but uses
the existing kernel timer data structures and timer mechanism so should
be robust and compatible. It doesnt rely on any previous state (because
all currently pending timers are discarded) so it's as crash-safe as

what do you think?

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