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SubjectRe: Stop the Linux kernel madness
4Front Technologies wrote:
> Nick Piggin wrote:
>> 4Front Technologies wrote:
>>> It's time everybody started to pay some attention to in-kernel
>>> interfaces because
>>> Linux has graduated out of your personal sandbox to where other
>>> people want to use
>>> Linux and they aren't kernel developers.
>> No, it is still our personal sandbox actually, and it is you
>> who must pay attention to in-kernel interfaces.
> The problem is that we ARE paying attention to in-kernel interfaces or else
> why would our software work on Linux 2.6.7 or Fedora or Mandrake?

As Andrew pointed out, it is probably a simple bug in the SuSE
kernel or your code. You aren't having this problem because we're
changing interfaces willy nilly.

>> Or were you hoping that we're all here just to make your life
>> easier?
> I don't expect you to make my life easier. Why don't we all take
> a huge plunge backwards to circa 1958 and start programming by throwing
> switches?. Are you against making linux better or what?

I think maybe you should get a good night's sleep before posting
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