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SubjectRe: mode data=journal in ext3. Is it safe to use?
Daniel Egger wrote:

> On 17.06.2004, at 19:20, Hans Reiser wrote:
>> Actually, most compact flash devices DO do wear leveling, from what I
>> have heard.
> Care to mention sources? I'd be surprised if they did simply because
> it'll cost money that could be earned otherwise. Also I think you
> confuse bad block remapping with wear leveling and even the former
> I haven't experienced so far.
> CF disks were designed for simply the reason of having an empty disk,
> writing data onto it up to a certain level, reading it a few times
> and emptying the disk again. So except for the organizational blocks
> and "the end" of a disk which tends to get rarely hit there're a
> well distributed write utilization.
> Servus,
> Daniel

For example:

Just bop over to the Sandisk website, go the the OEM section, and download
the manual/datasheet for CF devices. The wearlevel command itself isn't
supported (I'm ignorant of flash on IDE, I assume it is intended to mean
full scrub-style wear levelling) but they note they roll simplified wear
into the erased page pool.

Doing that is an easy way to get part of the way there without needing a
lot of
infrastructure. And for the fill-read-empty usage model it's perfectly


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