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SubjectRe: Use of Moxa serial card with SMP kernels
On Thu, 17 Jun 2004 11:12:39 -0400 Bruce Marshall wrote:

| Moxa serial card option not available when requesting an SMP kernel (2.6.7)
| I was told back when 2.6.4 was new that the selection of a Moxa serial card
| was not possible if an SMP kernel was selected. I used the work-around of
| not using an SMP kernel.
| My question: Is this a permanent problem which will never be fixed or a
| temporary situation?

It's permanent until someone takes the time and trouble to fix it.

Both Moxa serial drivers (moxa & mxser) are BROKEN_ON_SMP because
they use cli() to disable interrupts for critical sections.
See Documentation/cli-sti-removal.txt for details.
They will need some acceptable modern form of protection there,

Is anyone working on this? not that I've heard of.
Have you tried this email address:
Copyright (C) 1999-2000 Moxa Technologies (

Is anyone out there motivated to fix this? This is Bruce's real
question, I believe.

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