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SubjectRe: [3/4] [PATCH]Diskdump - yet another crash dump function
==> Regarding Re: [3/4] [PATCH]Diskdump - yet another crash dump function; Ingo Molnar <> adds:

mingo> * Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

>> Btw, now that we got you in the loop, any chance to see a forward-port
>> of netdump to 2.6? I think diskdump and netdump could share a lot of
>> infrastructure, and given we already have the net polling hooks adding
>> netdump shouldn't be that much work anymore.

mingo> i think a forward port of netdump might already exist - Jeff, Dave?

Yes, I ported the code forward to 2.6. The netpoll infrastructure needed a
little tweaking to accommodate netdump, but nothing major. Namely, we need
to reset some locks, and I added an element to the netpoll data structure
for the dump function. I also updated the zap_completion_queue function to
touch the nmi watchdog.

mingo> i agree that netdump and diskdump should be merged. (Red Hat is
mingo> involved in the diskdump project too so this is an ultimate goal
mingo> even though the patches are divergent.) Basically diskdumping is
mingo> another IO transport - the format, userspace tools and much of the
mingo> non-IO kernel mechanism is shared. Diskdumping is more complex on
mingo> the driver level and it also needs to be more careful because it
mingo> writes to media so it verifies various assumptions by reading
mingo> on-disk sectors before writing to the area.

I'm not quite sure what infrastructure would be shared between the two.
Page selection, perhaps? Anything else?

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