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SubjectRe: processes hung in D (raid5/dm/ext3)
On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 10:16:33PM -0400, wrote:
> # pvdisplay /dev/md0
> # vgdisplay vg0
> # lvdisplay

LVM2/device-mapper diagnostics

If you use the 'lvs' reporting tool, we'll get fuller information more
concisely, so we can check for any anomalies.
[Unlikely to be any based on what you've posted so far, but worth
eliminating the possibility.]

vgs -v
lvs -v
pvs -v

Can you confirm that you're not running *any* LVM or device-mapper
commands during your backup sequence?

Confirm the versions by running:
lvm version
dmsetup targets

And dump the static device-mapper state, by running:
dmsetup -v table
dmsetup status

[I'll get that fixed to provide a column-based output too.]

And finally mount sysfs and run
ls -ld .../block/dm-*

[This lot ought to get scripted.]

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