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Subject[PATCH] g_NCR5380_mmio, kernel 2.6.7
g_NCR5380_mmio.ko does not find hardware.

I found that this very short file g_NCR5380_mmio.c, simply rebuilds
g_NCR5380.c with a symbol defined for compile-time changes. However, the #if
statements in the latter use a slightly different symbol (prefixed with
CONFIG_) which doesn't seem be get set in 2.6.x at compile time. This patch
allows the driver to ID the hardware.

We, here at Octagon Systems, still make an old micro-pc (8-bit ISA) SCSI host
adapter based on the 53C400A chip supported by this driver. I doubt many
still use it, but as this is still an active product, we need to continue to
offer support with our CPUs now available / compatable with Linux 2.6
kernels. If anyone has a similar card and it is working without this patch,
please let me know what I did wrong.

Since we're an x86 shop, this has only been tested on x86 systems. I doubt
that will make any difference, however.
-- Sean Fendt
Ph: 303 430 1500 Ext 3048
--- linux-2.6.7/drivers/scsi/g_NCR5380_mmio.c Tue Jun 15 23:19:43 2004
+++ linux/drivers/scsi/g_NCR5380_mmio.c Wed Jun 16 13:13:31 2004
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@

#define SCSI_G_NCR5380_MEM
+#define CONFIG_SCSI_G_NCR5380_MEM

#include "g_NCR5380.c"
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