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    SubjectRe: 3ware 9500S Drivers (mm kernel)
    Hi Claudio,

    > By the way, right now smartctl doesn't seem to work at all with SATA
    > using the libata drivers, because AFAIK libata hasn't been taught to
    > pass through the required S.M.A.R.T commands to the drive yet.

    Jeff Garzik intends to add a passthru ioctl to libata, specifically for
    applications like smartmontools. As soon as he's done this, we'll add
    another '-d sata' device type to utilize that ioctl().

    > Does anyone know how difficult is this to code, or if it is necessary
    > to change the scsi layer as well as libata? I'm willing to assist in
    > testing any patches to add the possibility of using smartmontools with
    > libata drivers.

    I don't know the answer but suspect that the scsi layer can handle this
    'as is'. In fact the 3ware support in smartmontools passes all commands
    through the scsi layer.

    I appreciate the offer to act as a tester -- you'll probably hear from me
    when this work is in progress, to take you up on it.


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