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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] kbuild
    On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 10:54:53AM -0700, Tom Rini wrote:
    > >
    > > - One has to select the default kernel image only once
    > > when configuring the kernel.
    > in the case where 'all' wasn't correct to start with. And i386 isn't
    > the convincing case here.
    If all was correct in first place this patch does not change behaviour.
    For the embedded space all: is often not the right choice,
    but for i386 (as you note) all: is always OK (except some rare cases).

    > > - There exist a possibility to add more than half a line of text
    > > describing individual targets. All relevant information can be
    > > specified in the help section in the Kconfig file
    > Honestly, I'm indifferent to this. This problem is equally, if not
    > better solved by documenting in the board-specific help "and use 'make
    > fooImage for foo firmware"

    For ppc I see nowhere documented what znetboot, neither
    zimage is used for.
    In total 5 different kernel targets that is un-documented.
    Adding this patch gives you a good way to document
    them - and room for it.
    For the uimage target, I would at least expect a reference
    to the relevant bootloader, and maybe a few notes about
    the format as well. But there is not room for it on half a line.
    If you know what uImage is, not problem. But for newcomers
    wondering what it is - this is relevant.

    > > - Other programs now have access to what kernel image has been built.
    > > This is needed when creating kernel packages like rpm.
    > I suppose this can clean up some of the globbing that might otherwise be
    > done, but I know for a fact that there's been kernel rpms before this :)
    Did you actually take a look in the mkspec script?
    If ARCH equals i386 select bzImage, otherwise select vmlinux.
    Not scalable at all - and this type of information should be part
    of the architecture specific files, not the mkspec script.

    > > Where I see this really pay off is for architectures like MIPS with
    > > at least four different targets, depending on selected config.
    > > When one has selected to build a certain kernel, including a specific
    > > bootloader only the make command is needed.
    > > No need to remember the 'make rom.bin' or whatever target.
    > This is where I see it blowing up, quite badly. As Russell noted,
    > you're going to have a horrible, unmaintainable list of boards and
    > firmware supported, or not, on each. Even on PPC32 where we really only
    > have "needs vmlinux, raw", "needs vmlinux, for U-Boot" and "can use
    > arch/ppc/boot/", it'll still get ugly noting which boards can use
    > U-Boot, which can use arch/ppc/boot/ and which can use both.

    What the patch does is to create a placeholder for
    existing targets. No requirements exist for doing what you propose.
    But for a given board I would expect the defconfig to select the correct
    kernel image.
    So when executing:
    make ARCH=ppc FADS_defconfig && make ARCH=ppc CROSS...
    Kbuild shall build a kernel that works with the selected board with a
    default bootloader.
    This would be enabled by FADS_defconfig having CONFIG_KERNEL_IMAGE_ZNETBOOT

    In contrast the walnut board has a sane bootloader that accepts a vmlinux,
    so here CONFIG_KERNEL_IMAGE_VMLINUX is selected in defconfig.
    [Not knowing the baords in question, just as examples].

    In this way the board specific config files select the target
    to be build, not the other way around.

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