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SubjectRe: Panics need better handling wrote:

> I am not asking for
>help in solving this particular panic,
>I am asking for help in general, in
>getting information displayed when it
>needs to be displayed.
I have struggled with this from time to time. Wanting to
report a trace, but it is too long for the screen.

Using a framebuffer console helps a lot. I use 1280x1024 resolution,
and 8x8 characters. The resulting 160x128 console isn't
that fun to _work_ with, but most panics/oopses fit. I rarely
work at the console anyway. If you do, consider making two almost
identical kernels where console font size is the only difference. (The
extra compile takes very little time.) Then use the small-font kernel
when debugging.

Helge Hafting

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