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    SubjectRe: In-kernel Authentication Tokens (PAGs)
    * Kyle Moffett ( wrote:
    > On Jun 11, 2004, at 23:15, Chris Wright wrote:
    > > Hrm. Wouldn't it be possible that two processes with same uid have
    > > authenticated in different domains, and as such shouldn't be allowed to
    > > touch each other's PAGs? Or is this not allowed?
    > Linux doesn't really support the idea that a process should not be able
    > to
    > affect another process in the same UID. There's too many things that

    Actually that's not the case. The UID is currently insufficient to
    describe the security domain that a process is running in. The whole
    of the LSM infrastructure is designed with this in mind. So somehting
    like SELinux may enforce a security domain change (w/out a UID change)
    across an execve() of pagsh. I was simply trying to ascertain if you
    were storing this within task->user which I think would be wrong.

    Linux Security Modules
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