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    SubjectRe: flush cache range proposal (was Re: ide errors in 7-rc1-mm1 and later)
    On Fri, Jun 11 2004, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > Unfortunately, that's not the answer drive guys want to hear, because
    > FUA limits the optimization potential from previous ATA. ;-) Maybe
    > drive performance is high enough these days that queued-FUA as a
    > standard mode of operation is tolerable...

    Data integrity doesn't come for free. Take a pick :-)

    > >If the drive receives a queued barrier write (NCQ or Legacy), it will
    > >finish processing all previously-received queued commands and post
    > >good status for them, then it will process the barrier operation, post
    > >status for that barrier operation, then it will continue processing
    > >queued commands in the order received.
    > If queued-FUA is out of the question, this seems quite reasonable. It
    > appears to achieve the commit-block semantics described for barrier
    > operation, AFAICS.

    Actually from Linux's point of view, drive may reorder previously
    committed requests - just not around the barrier.

    Jens Axboe

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