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    SubjectRe: why swap at all?
    "Buddy Lumpkin" <> said on Tue, 1 Jun 2004 02:38:42 -0700:
    > If I know in advance that filesystem I/O will eventually fill physical
    > memory with filesystem pages (pagecache), then why would I allow file system
    > I/O to force out anonymous pages on the system? Also, why wake up an
    > expensive algorithm (kswapd) that walks all pages in physical memory in
    > order to determine which pages are "Least Recently Used" on a system where

    Incidentally, what happens when kswapd becomes a zombie? I've seen
    this a few times, and I am currently posting on a machine that has
    been up for 15 days, and which oopsed 10 or so days ago (something to
    do with nfs, but don't worry about that - the machine is running
    2.4.20, and is not exactly up-to-date), killing kswapd.

    But I don't notice anything at all different about how the system is
    behaving. However, I haven't been doing much more than running emacs
    and mozilla recently - I haven't been running my visualisation
    software that typically stresses the VM beyond usefullness.

    TimC --
    Whip me. Beat me. Make me maintain AIX.
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