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SubjectIntel 875 Motherboard cant use 4GB of Memory.
Two questons really:

The BIOS of a Motherboard reports how much memory is available to a
user program (Linux) after reserving some memory 'for its own use'

What is this memory reserved for?

OK, now the subject of this note.
The Intel D875PZB motherboard has an error in its current BIOS.

With a single 1GB stick of memory inserted, it reserves 38MB (agan my
question: what for?) leaving most of the 1GB for the user.
With two 1GB sticks of memory inserted, it reserves 72MB
leaving the user most of the 2GB.

BUT with 4 1GB stick of memory inserted, it reserves 1.46GB
which has to be an arithmetic error, leaving the user only 2.6 or so.

So, my second question.
Is this space just 'gone' until (if?) INTEL fixes the BIOS, or is
there some way for Linux to 'get it back'.

I have a certain fear of setting 'mem=' not knowing what this
space is being used for...


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