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SubjectRe: Question about IDE disk shutdown
On Tuesday 01 June 2004 17:47, Eric D. Mudama wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 1 at 17:13, Tvrtko A. Ur?ulin wrote:
> >According to my hard disk manual, it is absolutely recommended to put the
> >drive in STANDBY or SLEEP mode before power cut-off because in that way
> > heads are nicely parked. In that way it is guaranteed to have 300000 head
> > load/unload cycles minimum, while in other case it is just 20000 cycles.
> All "modern" drives have plenty of back-EMF to park the heads properly
> when power fails.

Yes, but this is a kind of uncontrollable parking with much greater mechanical

> Remember that even if you are limited to 20,000 power cycles reliably,
> that's over 5 reboots every day for 10 years, well over the expected
> lifetime of the drive. (unless you run windows yuk yuk)

Good point, I missed that. :) Although it would be nice if we could park the
heads nicely. You never know which premature failure emergency parking can
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