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    SubjectRe: Load hid.o module synchronously?
    Oliver Neukum <> writes:

    > The set of devices connected to the machine is not static. Waiting
    > until all hardware is ready is very hard to even define.

    It is very easy to define for 99.999% of all keyboards, which start
    off connected and stay connected.

    This should be simple. I want to load a driver at boot time and wait
    until it either binds to something or fails to do so. If the user is
    adding or removing hardware while the module is loading, I simply do
    not care what the system does. But if the hardware is not changing, I
    care a great deal... And the latter case is perfectly well-defined.

    > > be glad to use any other mechanism to achieve the same effect; I just
    > > have not seen one yet.
    > Issue ioctl() USBDEVFS_CONNECT through usbfs. It does a synchronous
    > probe for a specific device.

    I suppose this would solve my USB keyboard problem. But a) it seems
    very complex for such a simple need; and b) it does not work for
    non-USB devices, which are also causing me grief.

    - Pat
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