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    SubjectRe: various cpu patches [was: (resend) take3: Updated CPU Hotplug patches]
    On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 12:03:48AM -0700, Paul Jackson wrote:
    > Hmmm .. we're getting backed up here. Sure glad Andrew's got the job of
    > conducting this, not me ...
    > The purpose of this message is to list several patches that are
    > interacting, and the order that I'm guessing Andrew will end up taking
    > them. I claim no authority, and at best very limited forecasting
    > ability.
    > This is just to put a source of possible confusions on the table,
    > by running it up the flagpole, and inviting the shooting to begin.
    > The following patches are colliding or interacting, listed in the order
    > that I'm guessing they will end up going into *-mm, and with my guess of
    > their current status:
    > 1. Nick Piggin's sched_domains patches (in *-mm now)
    > 2. Ashok Raj's CPU Hotplug patches for IA64 (sent back to author for repair)
    > 3. Paul Jackson's bitmap/cpumask cleanup (in my workarea ready to submit)
    > 4. John Reiser's bssprot (unrelated, except for ia64 friendly fire damage)
    > 5. Matthew Dobson's nodemask_t (in Matthew's workarea, ready to submit)
    > 6. Andi Kleen's numa placement (being reviewed now, I think)

    I don't see any essential interaction between these patches. This appears
    to be 100% mergewerk. I don't think there's any essential conflict, just
    potential PITA rediffing for the (re)senders if/when they touch the same
    lines of code and things get accepted in a different order from what ppl
    merged their stuff against. As far as I'm concerned, business as usual.

    -- wli
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