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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/6] sysfs backing store ver 0.5
Maneesh Soni wrote:

> Hi,
> The following patch set contains ver 0.5 patches implementing sysfa
> store for leaf sysfs entries. There have been changed from previuos
> version based on the comments from Al Viro. The main changes are

We already tested former versions of this patch with great success. We
saved about 50 MB of memory on our typical S390 scenario -per LPAR. As
there are 30 possible LPAR that can share all SAN/network devices we save
about 30*50=1500MB of unswappable dentry/inode cache memory. Therefore
other architectures with partitions should test this patch as well. It
would also be nice to have some experience on x86.
I consider this patch almost a must for s390/zSeries if there is SANs with
shared DASDs. I made a short acceptance test of this version - more stress
will follow. If I encounter problems I will report these to Maneesh to
solve these problems.



Christian Bornträger
IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
eServer System Evaluation
Linux for zSeries
Tel +49 7031 16 1975

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