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    SubjectRe: Load hid.o module synchronously?
    On 04 May 2004 22:49:56 -0400 "Patrick J. LoPresti" <> wrote:

    | Greg KH <> writes:
    | > On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 05:56:48PM -0400, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:
    | >
    | > > But what if it fails to bind? For example, what if an error occurs?
    | > > Or what if the keyboard is on the module's blacklist? How do I know
    | > > when to stop waiting?
    | >
    | > You do not, sorry.
    | That is disappointing. I mean, I deal with Microsoft products a lot,
    | where "unreliable by design" is normal. But I expected better from
    | Linux.

    It's just a different model than what you are looking for.

    The hid (or whatever) driver supports a hotplug environment.
    It cannot know what device(s) are expected to be present
    or just which ones you are looking for.

    If it's a huge problem, you have the source code, modify the
    driver to do what you want it to do.

    | > > Ideally, what I would like is for "modprobe <driver>" to wait
    | > > until all hardware handled by that driver is either ready for use
    | > > or is never going to be. That seems simple and natural to me.
    | >
    | > Sorry, but this is not going to happen. It does not fit into the
    | > way the kernel handles drivers anymore. Again, sorry.
    | OK, an arbitrary flaky delay it is. Thanks!

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