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SubjectRe: crashes in prune_icache() in 2.4.26
[CC'ed lkml in case anyone else wants to take a shot.]

A little more info... I added some printk's to the function to highlight
the input value of parameter 'goal' and also to show where the function
was returning.

My understanding is these printk's all happened in rapid succession:

entry > prune_icache(goal = 92370)
exit < prune_icache() at if (goal <= 0)

Above the function completed without entering the CONFIG_HIGHMEM while

entry > prune_icache(goal = 94037)
exit < prune_icache() - end of function

Above the function went through the CONFIG_HIGHMEM while loop. This was
the first time this happened since boot, after a number of
prune_icache() calls that had returned prior to the CONFIG_HIGHMEM while

entry > prune_icache(goal = 98609)
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000004

The final printk above shows the function being entered and then hitting
the NULL dereference.


On Sun, 30 May 2004, Chris Caputo wrote:
> Hi. I have been experiencing a number of crashes in fs/inode.c's
> prune_icache() function. I found on that you made the
> most recent major change to this function back in January. With that in
> mind I hope it is okay to write directly to you.
> I have experienced two kinds of crashes with this function.
> The first is in the older part of the code. Basically the inode_unused
> list is somehow getting corrupt and when it does an Oops happens at:
> entry = entry->prev; (line 808 of the 2.4.26 fs/inode.c)
> I haven't yet figured out how it is getting corrupt so any tips welcome.
> A second problem I have seen is that my system has gotten into an infinite
> loop in the while loop in the CONFIG_HIGHMEM part of the prune_icache()
> code. I haven't yet figured out why. But I am curious about the code at
> the beginning of the loop:
> while (goal-- > 0) {
> if (list_empty(&inode_unused_pagecache))
> break;
> entry = inode_unused_pagecache.prev;
> list_del(entry);
> list_add(entry, &inode_unused_pagecache);
> Is the intent of the last 3 lines to remove the entry from the end of the
> linked-list and then add it to the front, as a way of traversing the list?
> Or is it intended that the add be an add to the inode_unused list as
> opposed to the inode_unused_pagecache list?
> I'd love to figure out the problems I am experiencing, so any advice on
> how to proceed is welcome. The bug happens every few days on our main
> fileserver and I have been able to reproduce it on a test fileserver too.
> Chris

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