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SubjectRe: [RFC] removal of legacy cdrom drivers (Re: [PATCH] mcdx.c insanity removal) wrote:

> OK... So we have
> * potentially faulty mcdx (2.4, apparently either driver corrupts
> memory in some conditions or isofs does the same for some IO failures -
> need to take a look at that report more carefully).
> * cdu31a (FUBAR driver, nasty to fix, "most of the time" works on
> 2.6)
> * sbpcd (at least two, both untested with 2.6)

Okay, with a trivial hack to have the thing initialise when builtin,
sbpcd does pretend to work:

3y25:~$ uname -r
3y25:~$ mount | grep cdrom
/dev/sbpcd on /mnt/cdrom type iso9660 (ro,noexec,nosuid,nodev)
3y25:~$ ls /mnt/cdrom/* install.exe* lecdemos/ readme.doc* resource/

However, any "cp" from cd-rom oopses the box.

> Is anybody willing to fix those drivers?

I was actually planning to get around to that at some point. Somewhat
fond of this drive. As you say, driver is a disaster area; a few trivial
fixes are not what it wants and at this point, fixing it properly would
not be a trivial undertaking for me. Am also currently very busy
elsewhere. Could it be kept around a bit?

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