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SubjectRe: Reading from file in module fails
> > I need to copy files (yes - I know that kernel shouldn't do this but
> > I REALLY need).
> This is ugly, but it should do the trick:
> int rv;
> char *argv[4] = {"/bin/cp", "/tmp/foo", "/tmp/bar", NULL};
> char *envp[3] = {"HOME=/", "PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin", NULL};
> rv = call_usermodehelper(argv[0], argv, envp, 1);
> if(rv < 0) {
> /* error handling */
> }
> Called from kernel, done in userspace. And if you want to access an SQL
> database from kernel tomorrow, it's just a matter of changing the
> usermode helper.
> (BTW, if you need to copy files from kernel, it's usually a sign of bad
> design)

Geez - that's REALLY ugly :-) But for testing I can use it.

It's not bad design - what I'm doing is writing snapshots for VFS as my diploma thesis. And I need to create copy of file before it's changed (copy-on-write). There is no other way how to do it in kernel-space (and user-space solutions like using LUFS are really slow)


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