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    SubjectRe: [RFC] 1/4 MMC layer

    > > > As there haven't been any comments, can I assume that either people
    > > > don't care, or people are happy for this to appear in Linus' tree?
    > >
    > > Happy. i386 nx5k notebook contains mmc slot, and I assume
    > > this will help me with a driver.
    > That depends on the kind of hardware interface you have - whether it
    > gives you low level access to the MMC command/data streams, or whether
    > it looks like a USB device / CF disk / whatever else. (I've heard
    > rumours that such games are played on laptops, but I've no idea how
    > true this is.)

    Its not USB disk, and it does not look like any device I recognize, so
    I'm afraid your layer may be usefull. Interface is "TI PCI7420,
    PCI7620 flash media controller", and there's datasheet on the web, but
    I was not able to figure out how to control it.
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