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    SubjectRe: Recommended compiler version
    Quote from Francois Romieu <>:
    > John Bradford <> :
    > [...]
    > > In my opinion, code that doesn't compile with 2.95.3 is broken - 2.95.3 is
    > If you are asking for technical details, please read the thread ending
    > at:
    > [...]
    > > Basically, 2.95.3 is something of a point of reference, so it only makes
    > > sense to throw it out once we have a new point of reference.
    > It makes no sense to religiously recommended 2.95.3 if it is known broken.

    The _code_ is broken if it doesn't compile with the recommended compiler, not
    the compiler itself.

    > If nobody comes with a better approach, I'll simply submit a patch to
    > remove the 2.95.3 recommendation (+ #error for the driver as suggested by ak).

    Please leave the recommendation unless it's being replaced by a new one.

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