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    Subjectmem= handling mess.
    At some point in time during 2.4, parse_cmdline_early() changed
    so that it handled such boot command lines as..

    mem=exactmap mem=640k@0 mem=511m@1m

    And all was good. This change propagated forward into 2.5,
    where it sat for a while, until hpa freaked out and
    Randy Dunlap sent in cset 1.889.364.25

    ChangeSet 1.889.364.25 2003/03/16 23:22:16
    [PATCH] Fix mem= options

    Patch from "Randy.Dunlap" <>

    Reverts the recent alteration of the format of the `mem=' option. This is
    because `mem=' is interpreted by bootloaders and may not be freely changed.

    Instead, the new functionality to set specific memory region usages is
    provided via the new "memmap=" option.

    The documentation for memmap= is added, and the documentation for mem= is

    This is all well and good, but 2.4 never got the same treatment.
    Result ? Now users are upgrading their 2.4 systems to 2.6,
    and finding that they don't boot any more.
    for example).

    The "`mem=' is interpreted by bootloaders and may not be freely changed."
    obviously hasn't broken the however many users of this we have in 2.4
    so I don't buy that it'll break in 2.6 either. As its now in 2.4
    (and has been there for some time), this is something that bootloaders
    will just have to live with.


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