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    SubjectRe: [PATCH/RFC] Lustre VFS patch
    På må , 24/05/2004 klokka 08:05, skreiv
    > I can't comment on the exact change, you need to talk to trond about
    > these. But as-is they change the API exported to filesystems and thus
    > it's and absolute no-go for 2.6. Where have you been when Trond's
    > intent patches went in? Hiding under a rock?

    To be fair: At the time, Peter and I did indeed discuss the changes that
    were needed in order to support both Lustre and NFS. The main reason why
    I ended up sending in the "NFS minimal" patch was IIRC that Peter was
    not ready at the time to send in a full Lustre client that could make
    use of this interface.

    Peter, I have a couple of objections here

    vfs_intent-flags_rename-vanilla-2.6.patch and
    vfs-intent_exec-vanilla-2.6.patch breaks NFS (though ironically
    it fixes CIFS) due to that gratuitous change of semantics from
    couldn't Lustre work with the native VFS semantics?

    vfs_intent-flags_rename-vanilla-2.6.patch also reverts the
    format from being a union of intents for various operations to
    being a single structure. This goes against what was agreed upon
    on linux-fsdevel when this issue was discussed last summer (in
    fact Linus was the one who requested the union approach). What
    justification exists now for a change?

    The vfs-intent_lustre-vanilla-2.6.patch + the "intent_release()"
    code. What if you end up crossing a mountpoint? How do you then
    know to which superblock/filesystem the private field belongs if
    there are more than one user of this mechanism?

    vfs-revalidate_counter-vanilla-2.6.patch: can't "counter" be put
    into the private part of your intent structure so that the whole
    test may be done within Lustre?

    vfs-revalidate_special-vanilla-2.6.patch: see the use of the
    flag FS_REVAL_DOT in order to enable the revalidation of the
    current directory for those filesystems that need to do so.

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