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SubjectRe: [announce/OT] kerneltop ver. 0.7
On Mon, 24 May 2004 14:50, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
> just a little note about kerneltop...
> 'kerneltop' is similar to 'top', but shows only kernel function usage
> (modules not included).

Looks good! A few suggestions....

Might want to add support for /boot/ containing the version number
(eg: /boot/`uname -r` ), if /boot/ doesn't exist, before
just dropping out with an error.

For clarity, you might want to invert the "address function ....." line to
separate the header from the actual displayed data (like top does).

Having the total up in the header instead of at the end of the data might also
be useful (eg: next to ticks perhaps?) as it's really a waste of a display
line for 1 number.

Also a little more verbosity in the error messages would be good.

/proc/profile not found:
You need to enable profiling support in your kernel to use kerneltop
/proc/profile Permission Denied:
You need to be root to run kerneltop

Hope these comments are useful.

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