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SubjectRe: tvtime and the Linux 2.6 scheduler
On Sunday, 23 May 2004, at 10:48:59 -0500,
Billy Biggs wrote:

> "[...] it starts up fine, but after a few seconds (when the scheduler
> gathered some stats) ... well, it looks funny: the scene goes roughly
> exponentially into slow motion, then there is a frame drop and the
> process starts over. this behaviour can be observed at any priority,
> which is clearly against the claim "no normally priorized interactive
> process will preempt a highly priorized cpu-hog" that i've read
> somewhere. the xserver priority does not change anything, either;"
I am currently using tvtime 0.9.12-2 from Debian SID on a Linux kernel
version 2.6.6 compiled with Sid's gcc 3.3.3 and haven't seen such
problems so far. I use tvtime often to watch TV on my monitor, and it
works OK, no artifacts and no slowdown (even when I download my email
and spamassassin starts to eat CPU cicles like mad).

With my current configuration tvtime at full screen (1024x768) takes
about 40% CPU from a AMD XP 1477 MHz (1700 rating). I have just tried
launching three copies of "yes" on several aterm's and tvtime still
looks as smooth as before, althoug CPU is always at 100%

Please ask for more information should you need it.

Jose Luis Domingo Lopez
Linux Registered User #189436 Debian Linux Sid (Linux 2.6.6)
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