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SubjectRe: [RFD] Explicitly documenting patch submission
Hi Linus,

Since your intention is to produce a clearly documented path on where
each patch came from so that in the event the "Crack Smokers" come at
you for "stealing" code you have something to back up the community's
claims of authorship. I am wondering if your proposal would be adequate
legal protection.

I am definitely not a lawyer, but it would be a tragedy if your proposal
was adopted and in 10-15 years it was challenged and found not "to hold
water" in the courts. I can just imagine some lawyer making an argument
that this documentation trail is digital and therefore could be altered
without leaving a trace or some other argument that lessens the
integrity and legal value of the patch path information.

Have you consulted with some liars about the legal fortitude of your

What sort of legal protection will this provide in the event that it is

Just a thought.



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