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SubjectRe: 2.6.6-mm5
Andi Kleen <> writes:

> (Eric W. Biederman) writes:
> > Currently I know of a safe version that will work on x86 on processors
> > with sse support. And I how to generate 64bit I/O cycles with using
> > mmx or x87 registers, but don't know if I can write code that touches
> > the FPU registers that is interrupt safe.
> As long as you save/restore cr0 and the FPU registers and do clts
> interrupts are not a problem. In fact interrupts are even easier that
> process context, where you need preempt_disable().

The saving and restoring is where things are looking icky.

It does not look like that kernel_fpu_begin() will work safely in
an interrupt context.

The generic x86 variant is to do:


Which works for 64bit values because the floating point registers
have a 64bit mantissa.

I suppose I could unconditionally save the x87 floating point registers
to a local variable, but that sounds like a terribly expensive operation.
At least with kernel_fpu_begin() the floating point save only
needs to happen once, per context switch.

With SSE it is easy to save just a single register. For the x87 I don't
see how to do that. Beyond the stack based nature of the x87 there is
the question if the registers are in mmx mode or not.

I guess a conservative always correct version would be a place to start.

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