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    SubjectRe: 2.6.6-mm5
    > +disk-barrier-core.patch
    > +disk-barrier-core-tweaks.patch
    > +disk-barrier-ide.patch
    > +disk-barrier-ide-symbol-expoprt.patch
    > +disk-barrier-ide-warning-fix.patch
    > +disk-barrier-scsi.patch
    > Support for IDE and SCSI barriers
    > +disk-barrier-dm.patch
    > +disk-barrier-md.patch
    > Via device mapper and raid as well.

    Some comments on the API and the SCSI part:

    - issue_flush_fn prototype choice is bad, the request_queue_t argument
    wile always be disk->queue so it's not needed and only causes
    - issue_flush sounds a little strange to me, what about cache_flush
    or sync_cache instead?
    - scsi_drive.issue_flush should take a scsi_device * as first parameter,
    not struct device * - makes life for bother caller and callee easier.
    - should probably add a small helper to get the scsi_driver from the
    gendisk instead of duplicating the code, ala:

    static inline struct scsi_driver *scsi_disk_driver(struct gendisk *disk)
    return *(struct scsi_driver **) disk->private_data;

    - the WCE check should move into sd_sync_cache
    - NULL scsi_disk can't happen for sd_issue_flush, no need to check,
    and thus the disctinction of sd_issue_flush vs sd_sync_cache can
    go and sd_shutdown can simply call the cache flush method.
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