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SubjectRe: hda Kernel error!!!
Quote from JG <>:
> --Signature=_Sat__22_May_2004_18_53_54_+0200_tMfzaYq4HdZNA_y9
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> > It does not necessarily indicate a serious problem. Are you sure your
> > error messages were exactly the same?
> while we are at it. some days ago i got this:
> hdi: task_in_intr: status=0x7f { DriveReady DeviceFault SeekComplete DataRequest CorrectedError Index Error }
> hdi: task_in_intr: error=0x7f { DriveStatusError UncorrectableError SectorIdNotFound TrackZeroNotFound AddrMarkNotFound }, LBAsect=280923064991615, high=16744319, low=8355711, sector=1130361
> ide4: reset: success

Look at the LBAsect requested - this is far beyond the end of the disk, which
explains why it returned address mark not found - the sector doesn't exist.

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