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SubjectRe: [RFC] sysfs kobject that doesn't trigger hotplug events
On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 12:43:47AM -0400, John Zielinski wrote:
> Greg KH wrote:
> >Your patch is not needed at all. Please read the first comment in the
> >kobject_hotplug() function to see how to prevent kobjects from creating
> >hotplug events.
> >
> >
> You mean this one?
> /* If this kobj does not belong to a kset, try to find a parent that does */

Oops, sorry, I meant the one in kset_hotplug() which is called by
kobject_hotplug() that says:
/* If the kset has a filter operation, call it. If it
* returns failure, no hotplug event is required. */

> The problem I saw with that is even though my kobject won't have a kset,
> my kobject's parent (or grandparent) may and I'll trigger that one. I'm
> not creating a new device driver, just extending one so I won't have
> control over that kobject's lineage.

So why are you creating a kobject, and not just attributes?

> The other way is to create a subsystem using subsytem_init but not to
> add it to the sysfs tree and then add my kobject to that kset and use
> the kset's hotplug filter to stop the hotplug events. This would
> require extra code and a little bit more memory usage for that kset, but
> I believe that would work. Any drawbacks to this method?
> Or am I missing something?

What exactly are you wanting to do? How about we start there.


greg k-h
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