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    SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] FB accel capabilities patch

    > Will it suffice to add
    > for backwards compatibility?
    > I'd prefer the new flags to be FBIF_*, as the identifier
    > FBINFO_FLAG_HWACCEL_COPYAREA seems sorta long to me...

    I agree. I dropped the _FLAG_ part. It just more readable with FBINFO.
    If you have no problem with that I will add it to the fbdev-2.6 BK tree.
    Andrew has asked me to move everything to a BK tree for him to pull.

    > I'll sync with linus's bk tomorrow and try to rework my main patch; the
    > "mainline" patch I posted was against his bk shortly after 2.6.6...

    I will setup the new fbdev-2.6 BK repos tonight for Andrew so try tomorrow
    to sync against that tree.

    > I take it this is in addition to your con2fb patch I have posted at that web
    > address?

    Yes. I see that patch works like a charm for you. :-)

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