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    SubjectRe: bk-3.2.0 released
    On Wed, 2004-05-19 07:48:52 -0700, Larry McVoy <>
    wrote in message <>:
    > On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 04:26:56PM +0200, Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:
    > > On Wed, 2004-05-19 07:16:48 -0700, Larry McVoy <>
    > > wrote in message <>:
    > > > new version of a widely used tool is available? If someone posted that
    > > > there is a new version of gcc available is that off topic?
    > >
    > > Yes, it was. Even miscompilation reports are mostly OT, since they
    > > should go to GCC's bugzilla.
    > Sigh. This strikes me as "aha, Larry's posted something, let's see if
    > we can get him hooked on some trollbait, that would be fun, it's been
    > a while!"

    Not at all! You *do* post useful/helpful/serious/whatnot emails (eg.
    those about the corruption-at-page's-end topic). It's just that I like
    to see noise on this list going down, which includes announcments eg. of
    binutils/gcc, bitkeeper, but also the constant announcments for
    yet-some-more-email-addresses-added patches for some rarely used script.

    So, let's just try to keep noise low, I won't even send more messages to
    this thread (accepting whatever you make out of it), but I'll just
    continue hacking DZ11 ...

    MfG, JBG

    Jan-Benedict Glaw . +49-172-7608481
    "Eine Freie Meinung in einem Freien Kopf | Gegen Zensur | Gegen Krieg
    fuer einen Freien Staat voll Freier Bürger" | im Internet! | im Irak!
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