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Subject[PATCH] Sis900 bug fixes 0/4
I have prepared 4 patches that fix various issues with the sis900 driver
in Linux 2.6.6, two of them had some discussion on lkml. The entire
patchset has been tested by me, but patches 2 and 3 require testing from
the people who reported the bugs (they are CCed).

Patches 2,3,4 are incremental and need to be applied in that order.

Patch summary:
1. change of maintainership for the sis900 driver
2. Add new ISA bridge PCI ID
3. Fix PHY transceiver detection code to fall back to known PHY and not
to the last detected.
4. Small cleanup and spelling fixes of sis900.h (much more needed, also
in sis900.c, will go through trivial).

Any comment is highly appreciated.

Daniele Venzano

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