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SubjectRe: ramdisk driver in 2.6.6 has a severe bug
"Robert M. Stockmann" <> wrote:
> Be aware of other problems when using the linux ramdisk driver,
> loosing its contents. Especially the use of mkinitrd might result in
> unexpected problems. googling for "kernel 2.6.6 ramdisk problem" shows lots
> of people with problems mounting their root filesystems and loading modules
> from ramdisk. Klaus Knopper (knoppix) is not amused, neither am i :)

Well in that case perhaps something else broke. I've seen no such reports
of recent regressions in the ramdisk driver.

The two problems of which I am aware are:

a) It loses its brains across umount. Seems that it's very rare that
anyone actually cares about this, which is why it has not been fixed in
well over a year.

b) It loses data under heavy I/O loads. I _think_ this has been
observed only on ppc64 and might be a cache writeback/invalidate thing.

If there are new post-2.6.5 problems then I'm all ears.
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