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    Subject[PATCH] Bug Fix: 2.6.{5,6}: i8042 module unload bug

    I've reported this bug 3 days ago. But since it is still not yet
    fixed in the new 2.6.6, I'm reposting this.

    Dan> I've successfully and repeated hanged vanilla 2.6.5 kernel.
    Dan> Here is how I do it:

    Dan> 1) Configure and compile kernel (on Intel x86) so that
    Dan> 'serio', 'i8042', 'atkbd' are all modules. i.e.

    Dan> 2) Boot the compiled kernel.
    Dan> 3) Log in from network.
    Dan> 4) modprobe the following modules in order: serio, i8042, atkbd
    Dan> 5) Now, keyboard works, as expected.
    Dan> 6) rmmod i8042 ===> hangs. CAPSLOCK doesn't respond (of
    Dan> course, i8042 is rmoved), machine doesn't respond to ping
    Dan> (why?), although my PCMCIA network card still blinks and the
    Dan> hardware indicate of PCMCIA activity also blinks. But
    Dan> (un)plugging the PCMCIA card gives no response.

    Dan> The same is observed in 2.6.6-rc3.

    The same is also observed in 2.6.6.

    I've found and fixed the bug.

    It has nothing to do with module dependencies. Rather, it's a bug
    with improper shutdown of a timer.

    Cause: When the i8042 module is unloaded, the i8042_exit() shuts down
    it timer by calling del_timer_sync(). However, after that
    call, there can still be interrupts from the i8042 chip (due to
    keyboard or mouse activities). Such interrupts invoke the
    interrupt handler i8042_interrupt(), which would call
    mod_timer() to reschedule a new timer event. But i8042_exit()
    won't want for this new timer event. It may exit before the
    event arrives. The module is unloaded as i8042_exit() exits,
    but this can happen before the new timer event comes. As a
    result, when the timer expires, the kernel tries to call
    i8042_timer_func(), which has been unloaded! This results in a
    complete freeze.

    The Fix: is to make sure interrupts from the i8042 chip are disabled
    before calling del_timer_sync() to clean up the timer. In
    i8042_exit(), this is as easy as swapping the order of the
    calls to del_timer_sync() and i8042_controller_cleanup().

    The Patch:

    --- linux-2.6.6-vanilla/drivers/input/serio/i8042.c 2004/05/06 13:24:46 1.1
    +++ linux-2.6.6/drivers/input/serio/i8042.c 2004/05/06 15:17:50 1.2
    @@ -990,24 +990,28 @@

    if (i8042_pm_dev)

    if (i8042_sysdev_initialized) {

    - del_timer_sync(&i8042_timer);

    + /* we must delete the timer AFTER the i8042 chip is cleaned up,
    + so as to prevent any more interrupts to invoke i8042_interrupt()
    + which then schedules newer timer events.
    + */
    + del_timer_sync(&i8042_timer);
    if (i8042_kbd_values.exists)

    if (i8042_aux_values.exists)

    for (i = 0; i < 4; i++)
    if (i8042_mux_values[i].exists)
    serio_unregister_port(i8042_mux_port + i);

    Sau Dan LEE 李守敦(Big5) ~{@nJX6X~}(HZ)
    Home page:

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