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SubjectRe: Does OSS sound work in 2.6 or not?
Bill Davidsen wrote:
> I have several user machines I would like to convert to 2.6 because they
> run threaded applications and would be happier if I did. However, being
> able to play forwarded wav files is also needed. I have been assurred by
> several people in Email that it does, *without* converting the whole
> machine from OSS to ALSA, but by running the ALSA+OSS emulation.
> if this really works, could someone point me to a working example? I
> have copied the Documentation/sound config for OSS, changing only the
> sound card type, and it totally doesn't work. It looks like it plays but
> it doesn't make any sound.
> I know that if I convert to ALSA I have to use their mixer to turn up
> the sound and disable mute, if all the people telling me they do it with
> the OSS mixer and emulation are wrong, I'll just leave the machines on
> 2.4 until I get some time to waste.
> I have read the docs I can find, this is a yes/no question, will OSS
> work or not. I am not asking how to convert to ALSA, did that once, took
> more time than the benefit justifies.

OSS works just fine here in 2.6, on all the machines I have. I don't use
ALSA's OSS emulation layer, just the "native" OSS thats in the kernel.
It's used just like in 2.4, same module names and all. No black magic

André Tomt
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