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    SubjectRe: Rewrite Kernel
    Richard B. Johnson wrote:
    > On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Sean Neakums wrote:
    >>"Mohamed Aslan" <> writes:
    >>>i wanna to rewrite a version of linux kernel from scratch in assembly for intel 386+ fo speed and a libc also in assembly for speed
    >>>what do u think guys
    >>Why not just write a program to translate 'C' code into assembly?
    > It's called a compiler and we already have several versions, none
    > optimum.

    Compilers probably will never be optimum. One has to choose
    either to live with that or start "rewriting the kernel from
    scratch for intel 386+" and so forth.

    We all know what is appropriate on this list, so can the
    interested parties - not me - please take this thread off
    this list?

    (directed at nobody in particular)

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